This Website is Still Under Construction

The Carnival's Rejects have underwent a major overhaul to stimulate participation and better ourselves as a clan wars clan. A complete roster scrub was conducted on March 1st, removing all players who were inactive, taking our numbers down to about a dozen. With this dedicated base of players still with us, we are looking to reformat our clan, moving forward.

At this time, The Carnival's Rejects will be recruiting for both World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. We will recruit those who are interested in playing World of Warships when it is released, as well.

We now have 2 separate divisions of The Carnival's Rejects...

The Frontline is the combat division of The Carnival's Rejects. This clan will conform to a strict training and attendance schedule. [TCR] will be the clan wars and strongholds battle clan. More rules will be created and enforced to ensure that [TCR] becomes a dominate force on the global map. Members of The Frontline will have to dedicate themselves to combat on a daily basis and appear during training to remain a part of the clan. Stat, tier and age restrictions will apply to The Frontline.

As The Frontline moves forward, we will be looking for players who have experience in calling battles (Combat Officers), battle training (Junior Officers), diplomatic affairs (Intelligence Officers), player recruiting (Recruitment Officers). If you are interested in any of these positions, please notify the Recruitment Officers in [TCR] when you apply.

Basic Requirements to Join [TCR]:
(Note: These specs only apply to World of Tanks at this time.)
Must have at least one (2) tier X tanks in your garage.
Must have an overall WN8 rating of 700 or higher.
Must have played in more than 6,000 battles.
Must be at least 18 years old.
(Players who are 16 years old and up will be considered if you meet the requirements above.)

All new players will be kept on a 30 day probation period when you first join the clan. This will allow us to evaluate you as a player. If you don't meet the participation requirements we are looking for, you will be asked to leave the clan, or move to The Reserves.

The Reserves is the casual division of The Carnival's Rejects. This part of the clan will be reserved for anyone who is just here to have fun. If you main goal in the game is to platoon and make friends, [-TCR-] is your clan. There will be no set schedule, no tier limits, no age limits and limited rules. Show up and play whenever you like.

[TCR] has now ventured into the Star Wars universe, with guilds based in both the Republic and Empire sides of Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you would like to join the RP guild with Republic/Jedi alignment, contact "Asholiv" in-game. Asholiv, a Commando Trooper, will invite you to a guild named "The Carnival's Republic". For the Empire/Sith RP guild you will want to contact "Aptenodyte". Aptenodyte, a Sith Sorcerer, is guildmaster of "The Carnival's Rejects". We ask that you still log into our Teamspeak server as an SWTOR player, but other than that, rules for this game match those for The Reserves.

All divisions of the clan will share the same Teamspeak channel (, the same Facebook page ( and the same website (

If you would like to join us, please fill out the CLAN APPLICATION and log into our Teamspeak channel. From there we will work on getting you into the clan.

The Aptenodyte
Commander of The Carnival's Rejects